10/07/2019 - Company: Stefan Breintner, Co-fund manager for dividend funds


Stefan Breintner: Deputy Fund Manager of the Dividend Strategies

On July 1, Stefan Breintner has been appointed as deputy fund manager of the dividend strategies of DJE Kapital AG (DJE) alongside with fund manager Dr. Jan Ehrhardt. Thus he now is responsible for DJE - Zins & Dividende, DJE - Dividende & Substanz and DJE - Asia High Dividend of DJE. The two flagship funds and DJE - Asia High Dividend together have a fund volume of more than three billion euros. Stefan Breintner is already part of the six-member DJE strategy team and is thus jointly responsible for the entire asset allocation of DJE.

Dr. Jan Ehrhardt, Deputy CEO of DJE, says: "Stefan and I have been working together closely and in a spirit of trust for many years. For more than ten years we have been travelling together regularly to companies all over the world. Stefan has been familiar with the majority of the companies in which our dividend funds are invested for years. His great sense of responsibility, his diligence, his sound knowledge and his many years of experience in equity and bond analysis as well as portfolio management are a reliable support for me - and for our dividend funds".

Stefan Breintner has been with DJE for 14 years and is Deputy Head of Research & Portfolio Management as well as an analyst for the Commodities, Chemicals and Oil & Gas sectors. He is also fund manager of DJE - Gold & Ressourcen and DJE Gold & Stabilitätsfonds.


Fund profiles

DJE – Asia High Dividend

DJE – Dividende & Substanz

DJE – Zins & Dividende

DJE – Gold & Ressourcen

DJE – Gold & Stabilitätsfonds


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