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25/05/2020 - Investment Themes: Real estate

All that glitters is not concrete gold

Crises like the one triggered by the Corona virus test the resilience of many industries and companies, including the real estate sector. They make problems visible that may have been present before, but were not noticed or ignored during the boom. Hagen Ernst analyses where the risks but also the opportunities for real estate investors are to be found.


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23/04/2020 - Investment subject: Utilities

Constantly charged up

In boom times many investors often think of utilities as "boring". But in times of a crisis utilities are among the top performers on the stock markets. The sector is experiencing a continuing trend towards electrification and is able to shine with relatively stable profits despite a decline in demand.

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06/04/2020 - Investment Themes: Technology

Cloud, Artificial Intelligence & Co. - Support in the crisis

The technology sector (IT) is one of the most important drivers of the global economy. Even the current corona pandemic does not change this. On the contrary: During and after the crisis, more demand for new digital solutions is being generated.


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22/03/2020 - Investment Themes: Absolute Return

A perfect fit

DJE's absolute return concept: adequate return with the least possible fluctuations.

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27/01/2020 - Investment Themes: Financial sector

The bill, please

Banks and insurance companies are at the forefront of the financial sector. However, current trends provide tailwind for others: Asset managers are benefiting from the low interest rate environment, and payment service providers are benefiting from digital change.


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15/01/2020 - Investment Themes: Sustainability


With the ecologically conscious, sustainable investment, investors can noticeably expand their opportunities to do something for the environment. This is because it is accompanied by the commitment of fund managers, for example, who ask the companies in which they want to invest and, if necessary, also exert pressure. There is green leverage for every investor.

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06/11/2019 - Investment Themes : Long-term low interest rates

The change from interest generation to tangible assets generation

Trade conflict, punitive tariffs, Brexit, fears of recession - these are the topics that dominate the headlines. Therefore equity investments appear to be difficult to place now. However, there is no way around this asset class in search of returns. Because the interest level will in all probability be around or even below zero percent for an unforeseeable period.

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15/10/2019 - Investment Themes: Real estate

From rent caps to low interest rates: opportunities and risks of the real estate market

Interest rates are lower than ever, the shortage of housing continues nevertheless German residential real estate came under more pressure recently as the increasing regulation of the market becomes noticeable. The so-called B cities, on the other hand, offer opportunities.

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28/08/2019 - Investment Themes: Food

Soya and soldier fly

The world population is growing and with it the need for food. With overfished seas and because of  environmental and climatic aspects and as animal breeding cannot be increased unlimited without restricting animal welfare the food industry is looking for new ecological solutions - an investment focus of the DJE - Agrar & Ernährung.

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23/07/2019 - Investment Themes: Diabetes

Increase - the growth market obesity and diabetes

Medical experts speak of a "diabetes tsunami”: diabetes and obesity are among the most important medical challenges facing the world today and affect the healthcare sector - an investment focus of the DJE - Europe.

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