Investment Themes

15/01/2020 - Investment Themes: Sustainability


With the ecologically conscious, sustainable investment, investors can noticeably expand their opportunities to do something for the environment. This is because it is accompanied by the commitment of fund managers, for example, who ask the companies in which they want to invest and, if necessary, also exert pressure. There is green leverage for every investor.

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06/11/2019 - Investment Themes : Long-term low interest rates

The change from interest generation to tangible assets generation

Trade conflict, punitive tariffs, Brexit, fears of recession - these are the topics that dominate the headlines. Therefore equity investments appear to be difficult to place now. However, there is no way around this asset class in search of returns. Because the interest level will in all probability be around or even below zero percent for an unforeseeable period.

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15/10/2019 - Investment Themes: Real estate

From rent caps to low interest rates: opportunities and risks of the real estate market

Interest rates are lower than ever, the shortage of housing continues nevertheless German residential real estate came under more pressure recently as the increasing regulation of the market becomes noticeable. The so-called B cities, on the other hand, offer opportunities.

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28/08/2019 - Investment Themes: Food

Soya and soldier fly

The world population is growing and with it the need for food. With overfished seas and because of  environmental and climatic aspects and as animal breeding cannot be increased unlimited without restricting animal welfare the food industry is looking for new ecological solutions - an investment focus of the DJE - Agrar & Ernährung.

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23/07/2019 - Investment Themes: Diabetes

Increase - the growth market obesity and diabetes

Medical experts speak of a "diabetes tsunami”: diabetes and obesity are among the most important medical challenges facing the world today and affect the healthcare sector - an investment focus of the DJE - Europe.

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04/07/2019 - Investment Themes: Multi-Asset

Allow Multi-asset funds to let the central banks work for you

The central bank's zero-interest policy means that German savers miss out on a high double-digit billion euro amount every year. Low or non-existent interest rates and relatively high valuations on the stock markets raise the question of how to invest your money profitably with a manageable risk. Multi-asset funds are well suited.

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03/06/2019 - Investment Themes: Cyber Security

Cyber security in the focus of investors

Digital changes have long covered almost all areas of life and thus all industries and sectors. However digitalization also increases the susceptibility of companies for cyber-attacks. They are increasingly investing in the protection of their IT infrastructure - an opportunity for investors.

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25/03/2019 - Investment Themes: Commodities

China's economic recovery offers opportunities for commodity markets

Metal prices, e.g. for copper and nickel, should offer potential in the event of an economic recovery in China because of a shortage of supply due to investment-related factors.

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18/03/2019 - Investment themes: Gold & Ressourcen

Not only falling interest rates speak for gold

Gold is in demand not only in the jewellery industry but above all as a protection against crises and inflation. Falling or rising interest rates influence prices.

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