03/04/2020 - Markets: Monthly Commentary March

The market correction, which had already begun in February, continued in March as a severe slump on the stock markets. This was triggered by fears of a global recession due to the ever increasing spread of the corona virus. Extensive rescue packages and monetary policy measures in the USA and Europe helped to stabilise the markets at a low level.

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27/03/2020 - Markets: Market assessments

Corona and the markets - key questions and answers for investors

The corona crisis has us under firm control. As many investors are showing signs of uncertainty we want to provide further guidance. This includes assessments of expected economic consequences as well as recommendations how to protect your capital and build up your wealth with equities, bonds etc. - even with a sustainable orientation.

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05/03/2020 - Markets: Monthly Commentary February

Corona infects the markets

The sharp rise in new corona infections outside China caused an abrupt correction on the stock markets after an optimistic start to February. High-quality government bonds and gold were in demand, however.

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06/02/2020 - Markets: Monthly Commentary January

The Corona Virus puts a drag on markets

January began on a positive note for the stock markets. Then, however, the outbreak of the corona virus weighed on the stock markets due to its novelty and rapid spread. As a result, prices of high-quality government bonds rose and the price of gold climbed, while oil and industrial metals, among others, became cheaper.

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09/01/2020 - Markets: Monthly Commentary December

After the trade conflict is before the trade conflict

In December, the markets reacted with relief to the "Phase One" trade agreement, which is ready to be signed and is intended to settle the trade conflict between the USA and China. At the same time, the EU, especially France and Germany, moved into the focus of US and Chinese trade policy.


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06/12/2019 - Markets: DJE - Market outlook 2020

Capital market outlook 2020: Politics rules the markets

For the coming year 2020, Dr. Jens Ehrhardt sees good prospects for the stock markets. The stock markets are clearly on green. Ehrhardt sees one reason for this in the US Federal Reserve's expansionary monetary policy, which aims to stimulate the weakening US economy. Another is China's sustained growth.

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04/12/2019 - Markets: Monthly Commentary November

Climate shifts

The ifo business climate index rose again for the first time since March. Other leading indicators such as purchasing managers' indices and incoming orders also rose again. The good mood was also reflected on the stock markets, supported by hopes of a temporary solution to the trade conflict.

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07/11/2019 - Markets: FMM-Strategie November
Dissolved Blockades

The expansionary monetary policy of the central banks supports the stock markets sustainably. What is currently inspiring them, however, is the resilient hope for a temporary end to the trade conflict, for an agreement in small steps between the USA and China. This will solve blockades and make us confident for the coming months.

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10/10/2019 - Markets: FMM-Strategie October

Tailwind for Cyclical Stocks …

... provided that the US and China can at least reach a provisional agreement on the trade conflict. We think: From this perspective the current situation is better than generally perceived. But no improvement can be expected without an agreement.

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07/10/2019 - Markets: Monthly Commentary September

Concerted monetary policy

The central banks of the USA and China as well as the European Central Bank relaxed their monetary policy in September. They took various measures by lowering key interest rates, lowering the minimum reserve rate and launching a new bond purchase program, and the international stock markets then made gains.

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