DJE - Asia High Dividend XP (EUR)

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Minimum investment: 3,000,000 EUR
As at:
237.54 EUR
237.54 EUR

Investment approach

The well-established investment approach of the DJE dividend strategy is based on the recognition that, in the long term, most of the overall performance of an equity investment comes from the compounding effect generated by reinvested dividends. This requires the detailed analysis of individual companies, because dividend yields should be more than just high – they should also be paid consistently. The fund makes targeted investments in companies in the emerging Asian markets to take advantage of the region’s attractive growth prospects. Asia’s traditionally higher dividend yields, healthy, defensive balance sheets and stable and promising business models are complemented by low government and consumer debt, high savings ratios and rising wages.


  • The conditions for expansion in many Asian domestic economies, such as China, continue to exist
  • Traditionally higher dividend payments mean that the fund can take advantage of the compounding effect of reinvested dividends
  • Excellent demographic developments make long-term growth in investments in Asia possible


  • Equity prices may exhibit relatively strong fluctuations depending on market conditions
  • Currency risks resulting from a high proportion of foreign investments
  • Issuer country and credit risks

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