Institutional Asset Management


The Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Group offers the following range of services as an individual asset manager or as a portfolio advisor in the institutional business:

  • Management of special funds in cooperation with many domestic and foreign asset management companies
  • Institutional asset management
  • Management of funds for third parties under their name (white-label funds)

Our objective is to achieve positive returns every year regardless of the development of capital markets. We do so with reduced volatility, protecting the risk capital of investors.
Our proprietary approach to capital markets, the FMM method, has been practised for over 40 years. This involves a very strict control of the proportion of shares and bonds in the portfolios we manage. The result is a significantly lower margin of fluctuation, which makes our service suitable as a permanent investment for all investors.

Individual solutions for your portfolio

With our active asset management approach, we at DJE Kapital AG are able to meet our objective in a convincing way. This is quite remarkable bearing in mind that that the performance of individual asset classes can vary greatly from year to year, as has been shown time and time again.
For us, an active approach to fund management that allows allocations and quotas to be adapted quickly and flexibly in response to changing markets for all key asset classes and countries takes precedence over static portfolio models.
With its independent research team, DJE Kapital AG is in an excellent position to identify trends in stock markets at an early stage and to manage asset allocation accordingly on behalf of its clients.
You benefit from an asset management service that always takes into account every aspect of your vision (e.g. tailored investment guidelines, loss limits and impact on the profit and loss account).