10/10/2019 - Markets: FMM-Strategie October

Tailwind for Cyclical Stocks …

... provided that the US and China can at least reach a provisional agreement on the trade conflict. We think: From this perspective the current situation is better than generally perceived. But no improvement can be expected without an agreement.

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07/10/2019 - Markets: Monthly Commentary September

Concerted monetary policy

The central banks of the USA and China as well as the European Central Bank relaxed their monetary policy in September. They took various measures by lowering key interest rates, lowering the minimum reserve rate and launching a new bond purchase program, and the international stock markets then made gains.

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11/09/2019 - Funds: DWS Concept DJE Responsible Invest

Sustainability as a matter of principle

Human rights, responsible corporate governance or environmental protection - sustainability is of great importance for DJE. In an interview, Richard Schmidt, co-fund manager of the DWS Concept DJE Responsible Invest explains the approach of DJE.

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04/09/2019 - Markets: Monthly Commentary August

Trade conflict causes skid marks

In August, the trade conflict between the US and China escalated again, causing a slowdown in economic indicators. Meanwhile, the bond rally continued and gold became more expensive.

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28/08/2019 - Investment Themes: Food

Soya and soldier fly

The world population is growing and with it the need for food. With overfished seas and because of  environmental and climatic aspects and as animal breeding cannot be increased unlimited without restricting animal welfare the food industry is looking for new ecological solutions - an investment focus of the DJE - Agrar & Ernährung.

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27/08/2019 - Funds: DJE - Gold & Ressourcen

Gold-rush atmosphere

Trade conflict, Brexit, expansive monetary policy, falling bond yields - gold is in demand and is currently floating around the USD 1,500 an ounce mark. The precious metal is thus as valuable as it was last in spring 2013. Will the high point continue? Stefan Breintner, Fund Manager of DJE - Gold & Ressourcen, comments.

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09/08/2019 - Markets: Monthly Commentary Juli

Central banks have delivered - and disappointed

As expected, the US Federal Reserve lowered key interest rates by 25 basis points for the first time in ten years, and the ECB was thinking loudly about low interest rates and a possible bond purchase program. But market participants had expected more.

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09/08/2019 - Markets: FMM-Video

Limit losses

Once a month Florian Bohnet, Head of Research at DJE, talks about what investors can expect in the coming weeks. A further slowdown is expected in August, and more confidence is expected in September.

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09/08/2019 - Markets: FMM Strategie

Limit losses

August lives up to its reputation of being a weak month for the stock market. That's why the biggest task is to limit losses first. Looking ahead, however, we are confident about fundamental and monetary indicators, most of which are in order.

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23/07/2019 - Investment Themes: Diabetes

Increase - the growth market obesity and diabetes

Medical experts speak of a "diabetes tsunami”: diabetes and obesity are among the most important medical challenges facing the world today and affect the healthcare sector - an investment focus of the DJE - Europe.

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