24/09/2020 - Funds: DJE - Europa

European potential: quality stocks and hidden champions

The European stock market looks favorable compared to the US market but this alone is not an investment criterion for Maximilian Köhn, the fund manager of DJE - Europa. He sees Europe's future potential rather in quality stocks and hidden champions from the second and third row.

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21/09/2020 - Markets: market opinion

"Taking account of governance criteria"

Debates regarding a reform of the DAX index arose after the Wirecard scandal arose and the company Delivery Hero was listed to the German stock index DAX. Dr. Jens Ehrhardt has been working with the DAX and many other international stock market indices for over 45 years and has his own opinion regarding this matter.

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14/09/2020 - Company: ESG principles

ESG is integrated

Whether it is environmental protection, respect for human and labor rights or responsible corporate governance the ESG principles are of great importance for DJE. Richard Schmidt, Co-Fund Manager of the DWS Concept DJE Responsible Invest and Head of Absolute Return, explains DJE's approach in an interview.

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08/09/2020 - Company: Miles&More cooperation

DJE and Solidvest cooperate with Miles & More

Investors of the DJE dividend funds and customers of the online asset management company Solidvest are now benefiting from Miles & More, Europe's leading frequent flyer and award program, by collecting award miles as part of their strategic investment - and redeeming them for flights and other attractive awards.

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04/09/2020 - Markets: Monthly Commentary August

Recovery and tailwind

Against the backdrop of rising new corona infections, quarterly profits of many companies, especially in the U.S., significantly exceeded the low expectations. In addition, various economic data improved in Germany, the U.S. and China, and the U.S. Federal Reserve additionally supported the stock markets by changing its strategy towards its inflation target of 2%.


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13/08/2020 - Funds: DJE - Mittelstand & Innovation

Structural growth preferred

The DJE- Mittelstand und Innovation was launched five years ago and René Kerkhoff has been responsible for the fund since 2018, first as co- and since the beginning of 2019 as senior fund manager. In the interview he talks about the structural potential of growth stocks, the digitalization of life and why his job appeals to him.


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13/08/2020 - Markets: Capital market commentary

16,000 points for the DAX are realistic”

In an interview with the financial journalist Bernd Heller Dr. Jens Ehrhardt confirmed his latest forecast for the DAX: 16,000 points in spring 2021 are "realistic". In fact the forecast is actually "modest", as it exceeds this year's high by only around 15% - not much considering the mass of liquidity that the central banks are pumping into the economic cycle as a decisive force and a good portion of which is likely to flow into the stock markets because of the lack of alternatives.


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05/08/2020 - Markets: Monthly Commentary July

Skid marks

Corona continued to dominate the scene in July, on one hand with confident reports on vaccine development, on the other hand with new infection rates rising again. In addition the negative figures for economic growth showed the extent to which the pandemic had slowed down in the second quarter. Gold reached a new all-time high with further falling interest rates and a weaker US dollar.

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07/07/2020 - Markets: Monthly Commentary June 2020

Leading indicators are recovering

In June some leading indicators such as business climate, consumer confidence and purchasing managers' indices improved, especially in Europe, but also in the US and China. As encouraging as these figures are the "hard" economic data such as industrial production, exports and new orders declined significantly as they had already previous month.

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10/06/2020 - Funds: DJE - Mittelstand & Innovation

Innovative and well positioned in the niche market

The DJE - Mittelstand & Innovation has clearly outperformed the market during the Corona pandemic. In an interview fund manager René Kerkhoff talks about his special approach and how he interprets growth.


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