30/03/2020 - Funds: DJE - Europa


At no time was the valuation gap between European and US values greater.


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22/03/2020 - Investment Themes: Absolute Return

A perfect fit

DJE's absolute return concept: adequate return with the least possible fluctuations.

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05/03/2020 - Markets: Monthly Commentary February

Corona infects the markets

The sharp rise in new corona infections outside China caused an abrupt correction on the stock markets after an optimistic start to February. High-quality government bonds and gold were in demand, however.

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27/02/2020 - Funds: DJE - Mittelstand & Innovation

Hidden Champions

Small and medium-sized companies are constantly reinventing themselves and are the driving force behind innovation, technology and business, especially in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland. The DJE - Mittelstand & Innovation makes use of this potential.

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06/02/2020 - Markets: Monthly Commentary January

The Corona Virus puts a drag on markets

January began on a positive note for the stock markets. Then, however, the outbreak of the corona virus weighed on the stock markets due to its novelty and rapid spread. As a result, prices of high-quality government bonds rose and the price of gold climbed, while oil and industrial metals, among others, became cheaper.

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30/01/2020 - German Fund Award

German Fund Award for DJE – Zins & Dividende

DJE - Zins & Dividende was awarded "outstanding" in the category "balanced global mixed funds" for the third time in a row. In every market phase, the fund strives for the most consistent, positive performance possible, and its strategy has once again convinced the auditors in a field of 462 competitors.

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27/01/2020 - Investment Themes: Financial sector

The bill, please

Banks and insurance companies are at the forefront of the financial sector. However, current trends provide tailwind for others: Asset managers are benefiting from the low interest rate environment, and payment service providers are benefiting from digital change.


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15/01/2020 - Investment Themes: Sustainability


With the ecologically conscious, sustainable investment, investors can noticeably expand their opportunities to do something for the environment. This is because it is accompanied by the commitment of fund managers, for example, who ask the companies in which they want to invest and, if necessary, also exert pressure. There is green leverage for every investor.

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09/01/2020 - Markets: Monthly Commentary December

After the trade conflict is before the trade conflict

In December, the markets reacted with relief to the "Phase One" trade agreement, which is ready to be signed and is intended to settle the trade conflict between the USA and China. At the same time, the EU, especially France and Germany, moved into the focus of US and Chinese trade policy.


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19/12/2019 - Funds: Distribution

DJE further develops dividend strategy - predictable earnings in low interest rate environment

DJE distributes 50 million euros to the investors of its three dividend funds. In addition, DJE has further developed its dividend strategy in line with customer needs and, in view of persistently low interest rates, has decided to pay higher dividends on a permanent basis in the future

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