10/06/2020 - Funds: DJE - Mittelstand & Innovation

Innovative and well positioned in the niche market

The DJE - Mittelstand & Innovation has clearly outperformed the market during the Corona pandemic. In an interview fund manager René Kerkhoff talks about his special approach and how he interprets growth.


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04/06/2020 - Markets: Monthly Commentary May

Liquidity drives the markets

Despite weak economic data, declining industrial production and a shrinking economy: Hopes for a recovery emerged on the markets, albeit from a low level. Hopes were fueled by extensive support packages in Europe and Asia.


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25/05/2020 - Investment Themes: Real estate

All that glitters is not concrete gold

Crises like the one triggered by the Corona virus test the resilience of many industries and companies, including the real estate sector. They make problems visible that may have been present before, but were not noticed or ignored during the boom. Hagen Ernst analyses where the risks but also the opportunities for real estate investors are to be found.


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23/04/2020 - Investment subject: Utilities

Constantly charged up

In boom times many investors often think of utilities as "boring". But in times of a crisis utilities are among the top performers on the stock markets. The sector is experiencing a continuing trend towards electrification and is able to shine with relatively stable profits despite a decline in demand.

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15/04/2020 - Funds: DJE - Zins & Dividende

Interpretation of market sentiment signals

The DJE - Zins & Dividende managed to survive the "corona cut", i.e. the massive market correction that began at the end of February, with a relatively moderate decline. In an interview fund manager Dr. Jan Ehrhardt explains the developments and offers a glimpse into the future.

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06/04/2020 - Investment Themes: Technology

Cloud, Artificial Intelligence & Co. - Support in the crisis

The technology sector (IT) is one of the most important drivers of the global economy. Even the current corona pandemic does not change this. On the contrary: During and after the crisis, more demand for new digital solutions is being generated.


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03/04/2020 - Markets: Monthly Commentary March

The market correction, which had already begun in February, continued in March as a severe slump on the stock markets. This was triggered by fears of a global recession due to the ever increasing spread of the corona virus. Extensive rescue packages and monetary policy measures in the USA and Europe helped to stabilise the markets at a low level.

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27/03/2020 - Markets: Market assessments

Corona and the markets - key questions and answers for investors

The corona crisis has us under firm control. As many investors are showing signs of uncertainty we want to provide further guidance. This includes assessments of expected economic consequences as well as recommendations how to protect your capital and build up your wealth with equities, bonds etc. - even with a sustainable orientation.

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22/03/2020 - Investment Themes: Absolute Return

A perfect fit

DJE's absolute return concept: adequate return with the least possible fluctuations.

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05/03/2020 - Markets: Monthly Commentary February

Corona infects the markets

The sharp rise in new corona infections outside China caused an abrupt correction on the stock markets after an optimistic start to February. High-quality government bonds and gold were in demand, however.

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