Private Clients

Our first in-house retail fund was launched by DJE Kapital AG in 1987. This was the first time that German private investors had the opportunity to use regular savings contributions to participate in a flexible wealth management concept that was independent from any bank. The fund launched was the FMM-Fonds, which owes its name to our in-house investment strategy, and this is now the oldest independently managed German fund.

Over the years that followed, additional successful investment concepts and financial innovations have been developed to fulfil different needs.
The questions as to which of the options below is the appropriate solution for you will depend on your targets and the amount to be invested. But irrespective of the portfolio size, every client can rely on the same philosophy and the excellent management skills of our house.

To access our comprehensive advice and attractive offers, simply call +49 (0)89 790 4530. Those resident in Germany can also buy into these funds at their bank or through a large number of German online banks.

Mutual Funds

Naturally, as an alternative to standardised wealth management, we also offer customised account solutions for individual investment funds.

Individualised Wealth Management

With a minimum investment of EUR 500,000, we will develop an appropriate investment strategy based on your requirements and desires.

Fund based Wealth Management (DJE Managed Depots)

With an initial investment of just EUR 100,000, you can benefit from a fully fledged, bank-independent wealth management service from DJE Kapital AG.