Individual wealth management

Our asset management team has established an excellent position on the market. This is what drives us to succeed:

  • the will to work with enthusiasm and precision in order to meet customers’ needs
  • an investment approach that is geared towards preserving value
  • a reliable team who stand out for their extensive experience and competence in capital markets
  • service that is provided exclusively for clients with no short-term preoccupation with sales


Success factors

Behind our performance there are a number of success factors that have made the company a first port of call over the decades for clients seeking an asset management service in Germany:

  • a systematic investment strategy in the form of our proprietary FMM method, which entails an analysis and investment process based on fundamental, monetary and market indicators
  • dedicated analytical resources led by one of the largest bank-independent research team is in Germany
  • absolute independence in terms of investment policy, free from any instructions from a parent company
  • personalised and comprehensive customer service – provided by employees who have belonged to our company for many years or decades and whose expertise is synonymous with high quality and continuity in customer care
  • a flat company hierarchy that facilitates fast, flexible action


‘Summa cum laude’

As the original thrust of the business, our asset management services have generated above-average performance for more than four decades. This can be seen by our large number of awards and the performance of our in-house funds.