A tried-and-tested strategy for your assets

As part of our individual asset management service, we hold in-depth discussions to determine the exact requirements and objectives of our clients as well as their risk appetite and liquidity needs. Working on this basis, we then develop an investment strategy and asset allocation plan. In consultation with each client, we define a strategic asset structure and decide how the funds are to be apportioned to different asset classes as part of the investment strategy.
Over the years we have created exclusive funds for asset management. These enable us to actively vary the level of investment and retain flexible control over liquidity. Of course, individual investments in shares and fixed-income securities are also possible in line with our clients’ preferences.

Our hallmark: a multi-award-winning approach to conserving value

For Dr. Ehrhardt Vermögensverwaltung, an accurate and comprehensive analysis of markets and companies is the starting point for all investment decisions. Given that extensive relevant information is crucial for a successful investment, we do not rely on others to provide this, but rather on our own research department, which has established itself as one of the largest bank-independent teams within the German-speaking region of Europe. These individuals visit several hundred companies a year in order to carry out robust business analyses.
Back in 1974, Dr Jens Ehrhardt laid the foundation for our company with his clear, methodological approaches. Since then, the business has developed to become a leader in asset management.