With this investment strategy, steady performance is the main objective. The investor takes a minimal risk of loss. This strategy is aimed at the conservative investor who seeks consistent above-average capital appreciation. To achieve this goal, investments are made primarily in bond funds with a focus on issuers with an investment grade rating (S&P: BBB or better), irrespective of maturity date. Equity funds and equity/bond mixed funds (maximum weighting of 35%), as well as bond funds invested in issuers with negative ratings (for example emerging markets, high-yield and corporate bonds) are used by management for only so long and to such an amount as it does not believe the investment objective of above-average asset growth to be endangered. An element of investment into open-ended real estate funds, real estate fund of funds and funds with an investment focus on commodity indices/certificates/futures is also possible. Investments are predominantly made into funds where the major investment currency is the Euro, to avoid where possible the necessity to hedge the investments of the investee fund against the Euro.