1974 Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Vermögensverwaltung is founded. Publication of the doctoral thesis: ‘The factors influencing stock market prices with particular consideration of monetary determinants’.
1983 Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Finanzverwaltung GmbH is founded.
1987 In cooperation with Frankfurt-Trust Investment-Gesellschaft mbH, Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Vermögensverwaltung initiates the launch of the FMM-Fonds, named after its distinctive analytical investment approach. It also manages and sells the fund.
1995 Together with Franken-Invest Kapitalanlagegesellschaft Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Vermögensverwaltung initiates the launch of the ASTRA-Fonds. The fund is now administered by DWS Investment GmbH, and DJE Kapital AG advises the company.
1998 Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Vermögensverwaltung is merged into Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Finanzverwaltungs GmbH, which adopts a new legal form and changes its name to Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Kapital AG. Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Kapital AG obtains authorisation from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) to sell and distribute mutual funds in addition to offering wealth management services.
2001 New subsidiary Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Finanz AG in Zurich/Switzerland.
2002 The Luxembourg fund company DJE Investment S.A. in Luxembourg is created.
2004 The Tri Style Fund, Germany's first licensed Superfund, is launched. Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Kapital AG acts as initiator and advisor.
2005 In a special report about top wealth managers in the newspaper Welt am Sonntag, Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Kapital AG receives an award for its performance in wealth management. The highest grade ‘summa cum laude’ is awarded for the first time and continues to be achieved in the following years.
2006 The German financial magazine Euro awards Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Kapital AG the title "Fund Manager of the Year". The Frankfurt branch office opens in the same year.
2008 Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Kapital AG changes its name to DJE Kapital AG and opens a further branch in Cologne.
2010 The management of DJE Kapital AG is increased to five executive board directors to enhance the management leadership within DJE Kapital AG.
2013 The DJE – Dividende & Substanz fund, managed by Dr Jan Ehrhardt, celebrates its ten-year anniversary.
2014 More than 100 members of staff celebrate the 40th anniversary of DJE.
2015 Dr. Jan Ehrhardt is appointed as Deputy CEO of DJE Kapital AG by the Supervisory Board on June 25, 2015. 
2017 DJE Kapital AG launches Solidvest, the first online wealth management solution based on individual stocks in Germany. It offers investments in equity and bonds based on DJE’s investment philosophy, the “FMM-Method”.
2018 DJE Kapital AG becomes a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).
2019 Around 150 employees celebrating the 45th anniversary DJE.
2020 DJE continues to grow: In addition to the main building, a new office at Pullacher Straße 24 is completed.