DJE and Solidvest cooperate with Miles & More

Investors of the DJE dividend funds and customers of the online asset management company Solidvest are now benefiting from Miles & More, Europe's leading frequent flyer and award program, by collecting award miles as part of their strategic investment - and redeeming them for flights and other attractive awards.

With the asset manager DJE and the associated online asset management company Solidvest Europe's leading frequent flyer and reward program Miles & More gains strong partners for its financial portfolio. From now on Miles & More participants can collect award miles with DJE and Solidvest. This applies to investments in selected DJE dividend funds as well as to the signing of an online asset management contract consisting of quality-tested shares and bonds from the DJE research team.

"By cooperating with DJE Kapital AG and Solidvest we gain strong partners with many years of experience in the international capital markets for our financial portfolio and continue to significantly expand the milestone collection for our participants, which is independent of their bank," says Armin Czapla, Senior Director Financial Services & Innovations of Miles & More GmbH. "In this way we give our participants access to modern, professional asset management with real added value, as miles can be earned by purchasing three selected DJE investment funds".

About the DJE funds: Anyone who purchase units of the DJE dividend funds DJE - Zins & Dividende PA (ISIN: LU0553164731), DJE - Dividende & Substanz PA (ISIN: LU0828771344) or DJE - Asia High Dividend PA (ISIN: LU0374456654) is going to collect award miles with Miles & More. Starting with an investment amount in height of 1,000 euros investors of the DJE dividend funds mentioned above receive one award mile for each three euros invested. Participants can trigger the mileage crediting after successful investment by means of investment verification via an established bank interface. Alternatively, the Miles & More App offers the "photo credit" function under "More" and "Service & Support". There, investors can directly photograph the purchase statement of the DJE fund or upload an existing photo. Miles are limited to 70,000 award miles per Miles & More account and calendar year.

Thorsten Schrieber, DJE's Chief Sales Officer, states: "We are very pleased about the cooperation that enhances mutual synergies. Among other things, investors will benefit in the long term from individually tailored Solidvest portfolios as well as from dividend funds that not only take advantage of opportunities of the stock market but can also generate regular income through the companies' distributions. In addition they receive bonus miles which they can redeem for flights and other attractive awards".

For Solidvest this means: Investors who open a Solidvest account with a one-time investment of 10,000 Euros or more will receive 5,000 award miles. For each additional 100 euros, they receive a further 20 award miles. An additional mileage bonus is granted if the investment amount exceeds certain thresholds, for example from 25,000 euros, 50,000 or 100,000 euros.

Sebastian Hasenack, head of online asset management, explains: "The networking of digital services is an essential step towards creating a real benefit for customers. In this context, technology is for me the decisive transmitter for completely new and above all barrier-free product features. In cooperation with Miles & More this enables customers to collect miles automatically and conveniently. This applies not only to the initial investment but also to monthly savings contributions starting from 100 EUR, for example".

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