Well-balanced mixture

Two key figures of the DJE - Zins & Dividende are currently 3.2% and 2.6%. This is the current coupon of the bond part and the current dividend yield of the equity part in the fund's overall portfolio. The balanced mixed fund links these current yields with possible share price gains, which include "green" shares.

The balanced mixed fund DJE - Zins & Dividende shows a positive performance as of 17.11.2020 (-> daily performance). After the fund management had significantly reduced the equity allocation in February / March 2020 it has meanwhile returned to around 50%. The bottom of the equity ratio was reached at the end of March by this time the fund was temporarily only invested 20-25% in equities.

Yields on corporate bonds, US and Chinese government bonds

At the same time US government bonds were highly weighted on the bond side at that time. With the announcement of massive global fiscal programs and the very expansive policies of the most important central banks the equity ratio was also raised again in April and May. On the bond side price gains were achieved in US government bonds and successively invested in selected corporate bonds.

As of 30 October 2020 15% of the bond side consisted of government bonds and 37% of corporate bonds. Among government bonds Chinese RMB bonds with attractive interest rates are now also becoming more important. Overall the average credit rating in the bond segment is currently BBB+ with a duration of just under three years. The average coupon on the bond portfolio is around 3.2%.

Price potential for value stocks and tech stocks

On the equities side we have currently an overweight in "quality/momentum" sectors such as financial services or food & beverages, among others, but there are also larger weightings in classic "value sectors" such as commodities / basic materials, chemicals or insurance. These value sectors in particular should offer greater upside potential in 2021 if the economy improves. In absolute terms the technology sector also has a higher weighting of around 6% of the NAV. Structurally this sector remains interesting due to the still considerable growth potential, the mainly very good balance sheets and high cash generation of the companies.

Green stocks and Asia with opportunities

Underweighted or less prominently represented in the DJE - Zins & Dividende are currently mainly the banking sector and the oil and gas segment. With regard to oil and gas the fund management decided long ago to abandon the traditional oil and gas producers to concentrate instead on high-growth companies from the renewable energy segment. For example, so-called "green shares" of wind farm operators and turbine manufacturers are important individual investments for the fund. Looking ahead to 2021 we also believe that the Asian investment region offers good opportunities. Its weighting is currently around 9%. In general the valuation of the Asian stock markets is low by international standards and growth is high.

Balanced mixture

In total the DJE - Zins und Dividende equity portfolio currently comprises almost 70 individual securities. The average dividend yield is around 2.6% at the moment and is more than covered by an average free cash flow yield of over 5%. In our opinion the balanced mix of sectors with structural and often largely non-cyclical growth potential and (cyclical) value stocks is currently a good mix for coping with the COVID pandemic while at the same time taking advantage of possible recovery opportunities.

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