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The FMM method

Our FMM method - a three-dimensional analysis procedure

The decisive preparatory work for the Group's investment strategy is carried out by the Research unit. The bank-independent team of analysts benefits from around 50 years of experience and works with our specially developed three-dimensional analysis procedure, the FMM method. his describes the three ways of observing the stock market and the markets: Fundamental, Monetary, Market Technical.
Overview: Indicators of the FMM method
Fundamental factors    Monetary Factors Market factors 
Fundamental factors are essential in long-term asset allocation. They consider the individual company and its key figures. In doing so, the analysts of DJE Kapital AG Group focus not only on earnings ratios, they also include substance ratios and thus select particularly solid companies with strong balance sheets. Looking monetarily at indicators such as bank lending, interest rates, money supply growth and excess liquidity analysts forecast the liquidity situation and derive an overall monetary picture considering the further potential of the equity markets. In other words, the analysts examine how much capital ready to invested will be available to the market in the future. "Homo economicus" exists in theory, but not in the stock market. Investors - professional financial investors included - react emotionally. Therefore the analysts at DJE Kapital AG measure the mood on the stock market using numerous indicators. Thus, they often know in advance where the trend is going and can act quite early.
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