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Convincing results

Our investment strategy, consistently pursued over decades, has led to above- average returns. The FMM-Methodology has been applied successfully for over 45 years by our portfolio managers. Its proven track record of more than 30 years is also demonstrated by the performance of the fund bearing its name. The FMM-Fonds is Germany's oldest wealth management fund and was able to beat its benchmark MSCI World in almost every year (Fig. 2).

Even compared to other well-known indices, the FMM-strategy still shows outperformance (Fig. 1) and has achieved a return of 7,74% p.a., or a total return of 1459,36 since its inception on 17/08/1987 (as of 28/06/2024). This result was achieved at a substantially reduced risk, as reflected in the volatility (Fig. 3). For its outstanding achievements, DJE Kapital AG has received numerous industry awards.

Comparative Performance of FMM-Fonds vs. various indices in Euro since inception on 01/07/1987 (as of 28/06/2024)

Source: Thomson Financial, FRANKFURT-TRUST, DJE Kapital AG

Risk-Return Structure of the FMM-Fonds vs. various indices in Euro based on the period July 1987 - June 2024 in Euro

Source: Bloomberg, DJE Kapital AG

Comparative Performance of FMM-Fonds vs. MSCI World in Euro (as of 15/07/2024)

Source: Bloomberg, DJE Kapital AG

The performance is calculated using the BVI (Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management e.V.) method, i.e. without taking into account the subscription fee. Individual expenses such as fees, commissions and other charges are not taken into account in the data and would have a detrimental effect on the performance if they were. The subscription fees payable reduce the invested capital as well as the performance depicted. Data on past performance are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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