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Support is the beginning of a partnership

The core competences of an independent asset manager are technical expertise and an analytical approach. Thanks to the proven FMM method, DJE Kapital AG has continuously achieved good and stable results in recent decades. In order to support your dialogue with customers and the support you provide, we offer various technical training courses as well as a range of seminar options

Fund based wealth management in Investment Funds (DJE Managed Depots)

With an initial investment of just EUR 100,000, your clients can benefit from a fully fledged, bank-independent wealth management service from DJE Kapital AG.

Individual Mutual Fund Solutions


Naturally, as an alternative to standardised wealth management, we also offer customised account solutions for individual investment funds.


Sabine Härtl 72x94.jpg

Sabine Härtl
DJE Kapital AG
Head of Mandate- & Salesmanagement
Tel.: +49 89 790453-610

Kuenzel_270319 (3).jpg

Mario Künzel
Head of Sales
Retail Clients
Tel.: +49 89 790453-625

Schneider_270319 (3).jpg

Matthias Schneider
Sales Director
Retail Clients
Tel.: +49 89 790453-627


Carsten Baukus
Sales Director
Retail Clients
Tel.: +49 89 790453-656

Niederlechner_270319 70x94px.jpg

Matthias Niederlechner
Support Manager
Retail Clients
Tel.: +49 89 790453-665

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