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Experience, reliability and quality of service

DJE is one of the leading bank-independent financial service providers in German-speaking Europe - since 1974 as an asset manager and since 1987 with the launch of the FMM Fund, Germany's first independent asset manager fund, also in asset management.

Today, we offer a range of around 30 mutual funds and, with the DJE Managed Depots, fund-based asset management that can meet the most diverse investor profiles, risk inclinations and life phases of your clients. Behind this are a lot of experience and capital market expertise, as well as long-standing customer relationships and partnerships.

Whether it's simple fund information or marketing documents, regular and spontaneous market assessments, newsletters, ongoing reporting, product presentations and seminars, digital or on-site - we have a lot for you and are happy to support you in all service and product questions. We are here for you.

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