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Managed Depots

Product Concept

Clients wishing to make an investment of EUR 100,000 can also enjoy the full benefits of the high-quality wealth management service provided by DJE Kapital AG. For these clients, we offer DJE Managed Depots. As your personal circumstances and investment choices may differ from other investors, you can make use of one of three portfolios that offer a different risk-return structure.

You are welcome to choose one of the three options below

  DJE Managed Depot Income DJE Managed Depot Growth DJE Managed Depot Opportunity
Equity Funds
Institutionell_Fonds_238x100.jpg Institutionell_Fonds_238x100.jpg Institutionell_Fonds_238x100.jpg
Investment Guidelines Conservative Balanced Dynamic
More Information
More Information
More Information
Equity Fund Allocation Max. 35 % Max. 65 % Max. 100 %
Holding Period Min 1 to 3 years Min 3 to 5 years Over 5 years
Risk Class (1 - 4) 2 3 4
Currently defined Benchmark* 15% MSCI World (EUR) /
10% Eurostoxx /
40% JPM /
20% Rex P /
15% Euribor 1-3
30% MSCI World (EUR) /
20% Eurostoxx /
25% JPM /
10% Euribor 1-3 /
15% Rex P
60% MSCI World (EUR) /
40% Eurostoxx

Due to market volatility, it is possible to experience overruns of the maximum equity fund allocation until the next adjustment date. The asset manager may make adjustments to the current model portfolio at any time. These potential adjustments will then be replicated within each client’s specific fund portfolio depending on the cut-off times and settlement arrangements for each fund. Historical performance is no guarantee of future returns.

* Subject to market-related amendments.

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