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DJE Managed Depots – fund based wealth management

Investment expectations differ from client to client depending on their investment goals and personal circumstances. For this reason, our DJE Managed Depots allow you to select from three different fund portfolios with an attractive riskļ€­return structure. Basically, these portfolios differ in terms of their investment policy and the maximum permissible weighting of equity funds.

Our company, known for its 40-year track record in value-oriented investment, has one of Germany’s largest bank-independent research teams. Broad investment diversification has allowed us to generate above-average investment results, especially in difficult economic phases, and to respond in a flexible way to changes in market conditions at the same time. This is proven by a large number of awards.

How do we achieve all of these things? With a wealth of experience, a systematic approach and our sound analytical methodology – the FMM methodology.

Characteristics of DJE Managed Depots

  •  Investment amounts from EUR 25,000
  •  Flexible asset management based on mutual funds
  •  Equity fund weighting of up to 35%, 65% or 100% depending on the fund portfolio
  •  Detailed quarterly reports
  •  Performance monitoring of the various portfolios with loss warnings
  •  Clear and transparent portfolio statements with secure, encrypted online access

Risks of DJE Managed Depots

  •  Many years of experience and awards are no guarantee for investment success
  •  Securities are subject to market-induced price fluctuations that may prove impossible to offset through active portfolio management by the asset manager
  •  Price losses may be incurred in the event of a short-term need for capital

Our DJE Managed Depots are the right choice for you if:

  • are looking for an independent portfolio manager who can look back over a long and successful history of wealth management
  • are under time constraints and therefore unable to manage your own optimal investment allocation.
  • are looking for an investment opportunity that makes the most of capital markets

If you have further questions and would like to receive more detailed information about our standardised wealth management service, please use the contact form. We will be more than happy to give you a call.


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