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DJE - Umwelt & Werte

Investing responsibly

Fund overview

DJE - Umwelt & Werte is a global equity fund that places particular emphasis on the sustainability factors of environment, social issues and good corporate governance (ESG) when selecting stocks. Companies are considered sustainable if they contribute to achieving the Paris climate targets (environment) or have a positive impact on society through products, processes or special commitment, or companies that do not have a negative impact on society or whose positive impact justifies the negative impact (social). The fund management pursues a best-in-class approach. The fund aims to achieve an appropriate increase in value, taking into account the investment and sustainability risks. The fund is fully aligned with globally applicable sustainability requirements and complies with the disclosure obligations pursuant to Article 8 of EU Regulation 2019/2088 for the financial services sector.


Investment concept

In the face of climate change, 195 countries are pursuing the goal of limiting global warming to "well below" two degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial era, according to the Paris Climate Change Agreement of 2015. International and national efforts - in Germany, for example, the energy turnaround - to reduce CO2 emissions are influencing economies around the globe and opening up opportunities in many sectors and thematic areas, such as energy generation through wind and solar power or through green hydrogen, energy storage, the automotive industry (keyword e-mobility), infrastructure, technology, the agricultural sector or chemicals. DJE works with MSCI ESG Research, a leading international provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis and ratings. The investment universe is screened on the basis of ESG filters. The fund management of DJE - Umwelt & Werte analyses the closer selection qualitatively and invests in what it considers to be the most promising stocks from an ESG point of view. The focus is on companies that have a positive impact on society and the environment. Companies are excluded if their business practices violate the United Nations' guidelines on human and labour rights or environmental protection, if they promote corruption or if they generate more than 5% of their sales through weapons, gambling, nuclear energy, coal from power plants or genetically modified seeds, for example.


  • Special focus on sustainably operating companies
  • Stock selection is based on fundamental, monetary and market analysis - this FMM approach has proven itself for over 45 years
  • No regional restrictions - the focus can be placed on those regions whose capital market development is currently promising
  • Participation in international equity market development



  • No guarantee that sustainably operating companies will outperform the market as a whole
  • The unit value can fall at any time below the purchase price at which the client acquired the unit
  • Country and creditworthiness risks of the issuers
  • Share prices can fluctuate relatively strongly due to market conditions
  • The FMM method does not guarantee investment success
  • Exchange rate risks


The Fund is suitable for investors

  • who want to combine their equity investment with sustainability criteria
  • who have a medium to long-term investment horizon and want to rely on an experienced manager
  • who wish to diversify their investment across a wide range of sectors worldwide


The Fund is not suitable for investors

  • with a short-term investment horizon
  • who are looking for a secure return
  • who do not accept increased fluctuations in value



The source of all information and responsible for the content and preparation is DJE Kapital AG, unless otherwise stated.

Figures subject to revision by the auditors on the reporting dates. The published information does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation, but only provides a brief summary of the key features of the fund. The current sales documents (Key Investor Information Document, prospectus, annual report and - if the annual report is older than eight months - the semi-annual report) for the respective investment funds form the sole basis for the purchase of securities. The sales documents are available at no charge at the respective fund company, the distribution company or at

All data and estimates are indicative and may change at any time. This information is based on our assessment of current legal and tax regulations. The data were carefully compiled, but no guarantee can be given for the accuracy of such information. All data are subject to change.

The performance is calculated using the BVI (Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management e.V.) method, i.e. without taking into account the subscription fee. Individual expenses such as fees, commissions and other charges are not taken into account in the data and would have a detrimental effect on the performance if they were. The subscription fees payable reduce the invested capital as well as the performance depicted. Data on past performance are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

The tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of the investor and may be subject to change. Please see the prospectus for more detailed tax information. In connection with brokering fund units, the Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Group and its distribution partners may receive reimbursements from costs charged to the funds by the investment companies in accordance with the respective prospectuses.

The units of this fund that are issued may only be sold or offered for sale in jurisdictions in which such offer or sale is permitted. Therefore the units of this fund may not be offered for sale or sold in the USA, or offered for sale or sold to or for the account of US citizens or US persons resident in the USA. 

This document and the information it contains may not be distributed in the USA. The distribution and publication of this document and the offer or sale of units may also be subject to restrictions in other jurisdictions.

The management company of the funds is DJE Investment S.A., Distributor is the DJE Kapital AG. A summary of investors' rights can be obtained free of charge in English in electronic form on DJE‘s website at The funds described in this marketing document may have been notified for distribution in different EU Member States. Investors' attention is drawn to the fact that the relevant management company may decide to withdraw the arrangements it has made for the distribution of the units of its funds in accordance with Article
93a of Directive 2009/65/EC and Article 32a of Directive 2011/61/EU.

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