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Institutional Investors

Institutional investors place stringent requirements on asset managers, and they demand a highly individual service. Generally speaking, preserving the value of invested capital is an absolute priority.

Thanks to our active asset management based on independent in-house research and our world-class performance with significantly lower volatility, we have been an attractive partner for institutional clients looking for individual solutions for many years. We focus on managing liquid assets in the context of German special funds and mandates. We work together with the Master-KVGs in Germany as well as foreign management companies.

If you have any questions about our company or our services, please contact us directly. We would be pleased to assist.

Mutual Funds



An investment system geared to professional investors' requirements and offering a high degree of flexibility.

Individualised Wealth Management



With customised segregated funds, institutional portfolio management and white-label mandates, we offer institutional investors a wide range of options.

DJE - Zins & Dividende

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Stay flexible with interest & dividends The flexible mix of bonds and high-dividend equities offers regular returns combined with the price opportunities offered by the securities. The fund seeks to achieve the most consistent positive performance possible in every market phase.

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