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Institutional Asset Management

Range of services

DJE Kapital AG (DJE) offers the following range of services as an individual asset manager or portfolio advisor for the institutional business:

  •   Management of specialised funds in cooperation with various domestic and foreign investment companies
  •   Institutional Wealth Management
  •   Management of funds for third parties on their behalf (white label funds)

Our goal is to generate steady, positive annual returns independent of the performance of the capital markets. We rely on our in-house investment approach, the FMM method, which Dr. Jens Ehrhardt established more than 45 years ago and which we have continuously developed since then. The approach is based on fundamental, monetary and technical market analysis and requires a strong management of equity and the bond ratios within the managed portfolios. FMM forms the basis of our investment decisions. Thus, we seek to achieve our goal with the lowest possible volatility in order to minimise investment risk.

Individual solutions for your portfolio

The FMM method enables us to implement an active management approach. Particularly since the performance of individual asset classes can vary widely from year to year. Active fund management which adjusts allocations and ratios quickly and flexibly across all major asset classes and countries when the markets are changing has priority for us over static portfolio concepts.

Our approach is based on independent research which we rely on from the very beginning as one of the largest bank-independent fund and asset management companies. As a result the selection and allocation of asset classes and securities are free from group or index benchmarks. These are the ideal conditions for us to identify trends on the stock markets at an early stage and to manage asset allocation in the interests of our clients.

Your advantage: You benefit from active, flexible asset management based on a proven investment approach since 1974. We always take into account all aspects of your ideas and expectations, e.g. tailor-made investment guidelines, maximum loss limits and the impact on the income statement.


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