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Wealth Management

A passion for wealth management

Investments based on trust and respect

As one of the first independent asset management companies in Germany with offices in Pullach, Frankfurt, Cologne and Zürich, DJE Kapital AG has decades of experience in serving our clients. Our corporate culture has always been characterised by foresight and care. Our investment strategy is geared towards preservation of capital as a sign of respect for our clients' work, time and assets. Our wealth management advisors are service-oriented and usually meet the expectations of their clients. A lot of our advisors have worked for us for many years, which enables us to offer continuous and reliable service. The capital entrusted to us is invested across selected stocks, bonds and funds worldwide. The investment volume determines which form of asset management we can offer.

Overview of DJE's wealth management services

  • Classic wealth management
    • From € 500,000: individual wealth management based on  comprehensive analysis to select individual stocks
    • Transparent, comprehensible reporting and personal support
  • Solidvest - the online asset management
    • Digital-only depot management via our customer portal
    • From €10,000: portfolio consisting of global equities and bonds with active asset management based on your personal risk tolerance

Learn more about Solidvest - online asset management HERE.

Investment strategy and asset allocation

Our task is to address your investment needs and requirements with our range of investment options. Therefore we take the time to define key objectives, risk appetite and liquidity requirements with our clients. Based on this assessment we develop an individual investment strategy for the client. We then implement the strategy and allocate the money into various asset classes such as equities, bonds or currencies. Based on our decades of experience, we can select suitable funds for our wealth management clients. But we can also offer our clients individual investments in stocks and fixed-income securities.

Our wealth management service offers:

  • An investment strategy based on our proven FMM methodology, which takes not only fundamental data but also monetary criteria and market-related, i.e. market sentiment factors into account.
  • In-depth analysis by our in-house research team, which conducts many hundreds of company meetings annually.
  • Independence from corporate guidelines and general benchmark indices.
  • An individual, transparent and comprehensive customer service by experienced DJE consultants.
  • A corporate culture based on flat hierarchies and flexibility.

Reporting - Transparency - Trust

When managing assets we receive powers of attorney to act on behalf of our clients. This frees up time for our customers, but also requires a relationship based on trust. We have a strong awareness of this and treat all customer concerns with the utmost care. We encourage our employees to constantly review the investment restrictions and hedging requirements of our clients. In this way we ensure continuous monitoring of the activities in the portfolio. We inform our clients promptly about the latest developments because we consider professional reporting essential. We transmit the performance of the investments in a data-supported and comprehensible manner and provide a personal contact person for further questions. Transparency also characteries our own remuneration model: Management contracts without unnecessary clauses provide a quick and uncomplicated overview of our remuneration.

DJE Kapital AG: Wealth management by outstanding professionals

Innovative investment funds, successful investment strategy, performance of in-house funds, stable asset management - the reasons for our awards vary. However, they are based on the same promise of quality to which DJE has committed itself. Recently, we have been able to win a number of prestigious awards:

  • DJE Kapital AG has been named one of the Top 50 independent asset managers in Germany by Citywire and was presented in the special edition, which will be published in September 2019.
  • Fund boutique of the year 2019 (€uro and Börse online) as best fund company offering between 10 and 30 mutual funds
  • Best Group over 3 Years (Lipper Fund Awards Europe) 2019 in the category "Mixed Assets Small Company" over a 3-year period
  • Handelsblatt/Elite Report: "Summa cum laude" as an outstanding asset manager 2019 - for the 15th time in a row
  • WirtschaftsWoche: Best asset manager 2018

Brochure of the DJE - Wealth Management

Legal notice: The management of assets by DJE Kapital AG generally requires a medium to long-term investment horizon. All investments entail certain risks. Investments that promise higher chances also bear higher risks. Past developments cannot be extrapolated into the future. Currency risks arise from international allocations. Investments may be subject to considerable fluctuations, which may also lead to the complete loss of the invested capital. When assets are sold price fluctuations, among other things, may cause the proceeds of sale to be less than the amounts originally invested.

Please consult your contact person at DJE to analyze the characteristics of our individual asset management and carefully consider if such an investment corresponds to your risk profile.

This is for information purposes only and summarizes briefly the essential features. It does not represent a recommendation, an offer or an investment suggestion, a sales prospectus or investment research. Investment categories, asset allocations and investment instruments are indicative only and are subject to changes at any time.

The information and opinions contained herein have been obtained from sources that we consider reliable. However, we cannot assume any liability for their accuracy. Subject to change without prior notice.



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