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Stefan Breintner: Deputy Fund Manager of the Dividend Strategies

Since the beginning of July 2019, Stefan Breintner is responsible for DJE's dividend strategies as deputy fund manager together with ...

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Consolidation ahead

Our view to the future remains confident but the trees are unlikely to grow into the sky in summer. First of all the usual seasonality is agains ...

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DJE celebrates 45th anniversary

DJE has been successfully active as an independent asset manager and fund manager in German-speaking countries since 1974. The FMM method, developed by Dr. Jens Ehrhardt and now fully digitised, is the basis for long-term investment success. ...

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Allow Multi-asset funds to let the central banks work for you

The central bank's zero-interest policy means that German savers miss out on a high double-digit billion euro amount every year. Low or ...

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Potential for value

It is still too early for a comeback of value stocks but the underperformance of these stocks has never been greater than currently. If leading indicators turn positive value st ...

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Our FMM method

This success is rooted in a method:
For more than 45 years we have convinced clients with our proprietary FMM investment strategy, which achieves long-run returns  above the average. It is an analytical method like no other in the world.

DJE - Zins & Dividende


Stay flexible with interest & dividends

The flexible mix of bonds and high-dividend equities offers regular returns combined with the price opportunities offered by the securities. The fund seeks to achieve the most consistent positive performance possible in every market phase.

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